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North Brother Island: The Last Unknown Place in New York City photographs by Christopher Payne 


Photographs by Franck Bohbot from the series entitled Cinema.

Holy mother of pearl - I love these. Are there cinemas like this in the UK? 

Source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/14258219/Cinema

Margaux Roy, Women, 2012

Metaphorical images from the life of women



It’s taken me a while to get there. But it’s hit me.

Jonpaul Douglass - Pizza’s in the Wild


Charles Traub’s photographs give us a snapshot of Italy in the 1980s. I have selected these images as I love the reoccurring use of red (clothes, bench, bike, cushion) as well as the playfulness each emote. 

                                                    R E D 

What may no longer be true

                                                 was once true 

                         and may be 

                                                true one day again. 

Taken from Time Lightbox 


We knew each other before the war but we never spoke. He was with other girls because he was much, much older than me. You know he was very nice looking! He was a tailor and he had a place where he made suits for men. 

When we came back from the war he had gone to my sisters house. I was staying with her. In August of this year we will have been married 63 years. I would say love came little by little. Not right away. We were young and he was older but I liked him. He spoke to me in a very nice way.

—Golda Pollac, Mill Basin, Brooklyn.


We met each other at a dancing party. It was January 1938. My friend invited me to the party. He said there were a lot of beautiful young girls. Another cadet with high boots had approached her but she didn’t like high boots and so she said no to him. I was the second one to approach her, I had a different uniform, but I’m still not sure if it was my uniform or my face that attracted her to me.

—Yevgeniy Kissin, Midwood, Brooklyn.


Now I am going on 88. My wife is 85 and I’m only wishing for another 5 or 6 years of life. This is all we want. We don’t want to live much longer. As a matter of fact, I always say to my wife, I wish I could reach 94. This is the aim of my existence. I’d like to see my grandson earn a living and my granddaughter get married. We want them to be happy the way we were.

—Moses Rubenstein, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn


The series of images has been lifted from New York/ Paris based photographer Lauren Fleisham. The tender portraits in the series show couples that have been together for fifty years or more. They bring joy to my heart and are a nice little reminder that love can last a lifetime. 


Misty morning in Manchester

Chet Faker - No Diggity